Watch The President Of Ukraine Deliver A Speech In AR

 Volumetric video brings the former comic actor and current Ukrainian president to life on your coffee table.

With the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia putting pressure on Ukrainian resources, President Volodymyr Zelensky has begun reaching out to the global technology community for support for rebuilding the county’s digital infrastructure. And what better way to capture the hearts and minds of Europe’s leading technology investors and business leaders than with a groundbreaking presidential speech?

Recently, Ben Nunez, co-founder and CEO of Evercoast, a company specializing in volumetric video recording, visited Kyiv to record an official presidential speech from the man himself using the company’s proprietary cloud software platform. The result is a hyper-realistic 3D digital human complete with animation as well as sound.

“Ukraine is a chance for a global digital revolution,” said Zelensky in the speech; “a chance for any technology company and a chance for any visionary to showcase their value, skills, technologies and ambitions.”

As if that was not cool enough, you can use your smartphone device to watch Zelensky’s uplifting speech in AR. You do not even have to download an app. Simply scan the QR code below and give the site access to your camera and speakers. You can then tap your screen to project a volumetric 3D model of Zelensky anywhere in your space in the real world. By dragging your fingers across the screen, you can resize and rotate the 3D model to see it from multiple angles.

“Evercoast had the extraordinary opportunity to produce and deliver a crucial moment in volumetric video with a holographic footage of President Zelensky of Kiev. This is an incredibly important message from a leader whose country is under siege and Evercoast is honored to have been a part of this, ” said Ben Nunez, co-founder and CEO of Evercoast.

The project was created by Martin Williams (Talesmith) and Thomas Hoegh (Garden Studios), directed by Martin Williams, and produced by Mark Wright (Talesmith) and Thomas Hoegh, and was recorded on site in Kiev. In an effort to help expand the country’s communications capabilities, Evercoast has donated its volumetric video equipment to the Ukrainian government.

We hope this is just the first of many AR addresses from President Zelensky. To learn more about the project visit In addition to immersive technology, the country has begun to frolic with NFTs to help bolster its war effort. The government recently sold a CryptoPunk NFT donated to the country for a considerable $ 100,000. Previously, the country earned as much as $ 6.75 million with the sale of a Ukrainian flag NFT. Since February, the country has received over $ 135 million in crypto donations.


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